Interdisciplinary work and the bringing together of different perspectives from the social sciences and humanities form the foundation of every project. Empirical social research is also the basis of most studies. The focus is on qualitative research, but descriptive statistics are also an essential area of work. After many years of experience from university and research, she advises in a science-based manner, in the sense of an analytical and critical consideration of viewpoints from all sides. With scientific sources and against the backdrop of current social debates, analyses are produced that include and compare the positions of all actors involved. The results are presented in a way that is appropriate for the target group, because knowledge transfer can only succeed if the knowledge gained is "translated" for the respective target group. In addition to knowledge transfer in policy consulting, Katrin Fröhlich is also active in teaching. As a university lecturer and author, she is responsible for preparing the content of knowledge as well as for communicating it to students in a comprehensible way. A distance learning course to become a specialist journalist was just as helpful for this as her actual political and regional science studies and her empirical doctorate in education to become a Doctor of Philosophy.