limits of the social care insurance

limits of the German social care insurance

As part of the YoungCare project, I keep coming up against the limits of the German social care insurance, which can be compared to a partially comprehensive insurance. The social care insurance covers a fixed, capped portion of the costs in the event of long-term care. The so-called base. The rest, i.e. the top, has to be paid by the person in need of care themselves. This means, for example, that a third of nursing home residents are dependent on social welfare support. This is why there are repeated calls for a base-top swap in the social care insurance, so that it would be structured like German health insurance. Here, we as patients only ever pay a fixed, limited basic amount and the rest is covered by health insurance. One organisation calling for the expansion of the social care insurance into a full insurance is the “Paritätische Gesamtverband”. Their campaign can be found in the association's current magazine:

picture source: xixinxing & 123RF Free Images