2023 - today: Support of the ERASMUS + project "Young Care - Relief for Younger People in Need of Care and their Informal Carers" (Paritätische Projekte)

    2022 - today: lecturer and author for the Apollon university of apllied science of health care management in the Department of Social Work and Social Management

    2020 - 2021: Regular advice to a small and medium-sized enterprise on the analysis of all-day school provision in Saxon municipalities by means of FABelF

    2019 - 2020: Development and implementation of courses as a university lecturer at the International University (IU) in the Department of Social Work/ Frankfurt

    2016 - 2018: parental leave

    2012 - 2016: Study and career counsellor for a local coaching company K3 Coaching GmbH, Frankfurt

    2010 - 2014: Fellow and scholarship holder at the Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz (doctorate at the interdisciplinary Research Training Group of the German Research Foundation, (DFG) "transnational social support"

    2008 - 2009: Researcher on the topic of local development at the German Intitute of Development and and Sustainability (IDOS), Bonn

    2006 - 2007: Project staff member at the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), Stuttgart

    2000 - 2006: Master's degree in Political Science and African Studies at the University of Leipzig

    2005: Internship at the German Embassy in Pretoria, South Africa

    2003 - 2004: ERASMUS Studium an der School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), London

    2000: Abitur at Dresden-Plauen Grammar School